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Virginity and trouble with insertion


I have tried several times now to insert my smaller Lunette cup but I can't get the cup literally further in then a cm or two. 

I am 22, a virgin and Im guessing maybe my hymen is the problem? I tried exploring down there when I first had difficulties, and found I can really only comfortably insert one finger. I can't get a second finger in without it being too painful (as it is painful, sore, with an almost a burning sensation when I try to insert the cup). Other than that I haven't done any other self examination/exploring. I have done some research so I know how to angle the cup, how to relax and the different folds etc. 

From everything I have read, this doesn't seem normal. Tbh Im pretty upset and now concerned that there is something wrong with me. I know from some posts that virginity really shouldn't be a problem using the cup. 

Where should I go from here? Has anyone else experienced such difficulties with a cup? My other concern is if, after all this I manage to insert the cup, I'll never be able to reach inside to unseal and remove it. Im always quite sore after trying to insert the cup and I'm getting more and more put off which is a shame, as I'd love to be able to use it.

Tags: first time use, hymen, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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