mlobster101 (mlobster101) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna Problems- Different Cup Suggestion?

Hi all!  I did a dry run with my medium Meluna (ring stem) a few weeks ago and all seemed fine.  I just started my period yesterday though and things aren't going as well as they did before.  I push it as far up as I can but I can feel it irritating me inside.  It is sliding down a bit so maybe that is why it is irritating?  Or it might be the ring stem that is irritating.  It is hard to tell.  Also, today I am having lots of cramping and soreness inside as well as pubic bone pain. So needless to say, my Meluna just isn't working out!

I'm assuming I need a larger diameter cup to help keep it further up, right?

Does it sound like the ring is my problem?  Or the fact that it is inching its way down a bit?

I am thinking of going with a large Fleur or Yuuki because the extra capacity is needed as well.  Any suggestions or thoughts on all of this would be great!
Tags: buying decisions, cramps, dry run, first time use, heavy blood flow, meluna, stem length/trimming, teething troubles
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