silverback_les (silverback_les) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup comparision

Hello all! I have been away from the community for a while and am glad to be back. I'm having internet diffuculties here on my new post in Germany. Boo! Apparently while I was away the Meluna Glitter Cups were created (or at least released for market)and I have fallen in love! However here is my question--How does the stiffness of the Meluna compare to the Diva? I love my Diva and I also have a Lunette Selene which I find too stiff. The Glitter cups come in "regular" stiffness (for the Meluna) and one that is 25% softer. I would like to get whichever one is closest to my Diva in terms of stiffness and flexibility. Can someone make a suggestion for me? I would appreciate the input. Thank you!
Tags: divacup, meluna, meluna - soft

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