j.m.n. (adogablog) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Do you HAVE to change the cup after 12 hours?

Hey all,

So I just got the Diva Cup and mostly love it, tho I need a bit more practice and am dealing with the common troubles everyone describes here...I trimmed the stem and am sure after a couple cycles it will be a cinch. One of the things I love about it is it seems to hold more than tampons, altho I had a very light cycle this month - do tampons increase flow at all? Usually I am very heavy on my first day.

My main question is do you have to change it every 12 hours? I only fill maybe a quarter of it and would LOVE to go up to 20 hours or so without changing it, but is it bad to hold blood in my body for that long? Seems like a bad idea, but if there's no harm, that would be super convenient.

Thanks y'all!
Tags: health risks
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