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How MUCH does size matter?

      Hello people that have a uterus!                                                                                                                                                                     Going to try to keep this short but complete.  I really need some advice & need to get some questions answered from your collective experience.  Me: 36 & NP.  Had a Mirena IUD inserted 3 months ago. Have had both a vaginal bacterial AND yeast infection since insertion with no history of either.  My guess was it was caused by almost constant tampon usage.  Learned of "the cup" for the first time a month ago & decided it was the way to go. Did a weeks worth of research (mostly thanks to this community!).  Bought a large 'Green Donna' (compare to Lunette!) because all the info I read said that because of my age I would prob need a large even tho I have no kids.  
Used it for the first time yesterday.  Goes in easily using the punch fold method, but took a few minutes to open up.  I could feel it open.  When I insert it, my body practically sucked it up & out of my hand, so I really have NO control over how far it goes up.  Had low level constant cramping for the next 8 hours it was in, so I think it may be resting on my cervix?!  Not sure.  When I removed it, I broke the seal like I should, but was like a wrestling match to try to get it out.  Even  with me both pushing AND pulling! lol.  Kind of funny now that I think about it.   It collected fluid like it should AND I had not one bit of leakage.  YAAAY on both!  It just seems like it may be too big for my body?  On a side note:  I have never been able to feel my IUD strings and neither can my boyfriend,(but the doc says its in the correct position) so I figured I had a lot of 'interior space' and the large cup could never be TOO large!  Do I need to go to a small cup?  Or just give this one some time to adjust to?  Any info or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks:)
Tags: cramps, first time use, sizes/size issues, teething troubles

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