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When I first heard about menstrual cups, I was grossed out to tell the truth. But since I finally started doing some research on them, I can't stop! The idea of never (or almost never) buying pads/tampons is awesome! However, I'm still in the decision stage and would appreciate any advice.

Healthy, 23 year old female, one child (15 months), not accustomed to tampons (though have used them). I was excited about my doctor's appointment today simply so I could ask about cup usage. Alas, my doctor didn't know what they were and started rambling about how alternative forms are not as efficient (she thought it was a contraceptive...DOH!). The only thing she said was to be weary of TSS, which, from what I have read, is not really an issue. Only a couple helpful things came from the visit. She told me my cervix is about the size of a half-dollar (that just seems large to me), it really wasn't that far back (does that mean it's average or really close to the entrance?....she only said she didn't have to do any maneuvering to get to it), and that it pretty much faces head on instead of angling to one side or the other. She didn't say anything about it being dangly. Also, I learned today that I know how to relax my pelvic muscles on demand, woohoo! I already am well acquainted with kegels.

My next period is coming up in a couple weeks, and I would love to have a cup by then. The problem is, we are getting ready to move (from USA to Germany). That's a big move with a lot of potential stress. I have been looking at getting a large MeLuna soft, and I was wondering if this was an okay idea or if I should wait until my next period and learn where my cervix low spot is (speaking of which, how exactly do you measure that? just how far up your finger or...?). My period is generally a couple heavy days (anywhere from 2-5 medium Always pads a day), and then it's fairly light (1 medium Always pad a day). For the stem, I'm looking at a ring stem due to its ease of grip. I am a little concerned about needing to cut it off like so many have needed to, though I haven't heard of anyone chopping the ring. Would it be wiser to get a traditional stem until I know how things work? I really don't want to buy more than one cup. :\

Any other tips or thoughts are greatly appreciated as well.
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