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First time!

So I ordered 3 cups before the holidays, but only one arrived in time for this cycle-- the smallest one I ordered, a Lunette small (chosen because it had a high capacity for a small size, and I'm on the border for recommended large vs small sizes). I did a dry run that turned out to not be so dry when I removed it (oops! guess I'll be washing that rug). It worked great over night, but that first morning before work was torturous. It seemed like no matter what I did it kept leaking, and I'm rushing to leave on time... and then I drop it in the toilet. Arrrg! No way am I putting that back in until I boil it again, so I dig into my precious ob Ultra stash for the day.

After boiling when I got home, I spent some time in the shower experimenting. I had heard good things about the 7-fold (which really confused me at first-- I'm supposed to fold it 7 times?? but no, the fold just looks sort of like a number 7) so I went with that. As reported, very easy to pop open if it doesn't open on its own. The second night it worked great again. A minor leak when it filled up around 3am, but nothing worse than what I had on tampons.

The next morning my experimenting paid off. I basically fit the cup over my cervical opening. The rim sort of nestles around that, rather than "sealing" against my vaginal walls. To check it's in position, I try to find my cervix-- if I can't, it's in place. Sometimes I can find my cervix before the cup pops open, and then I can really make sure it's opening where I want it. Removal is a little annoying because I can't really push on the rim to break the seal-- my cervix is inside! I hope I'm not hurting myself in there. It'll be interesting to see if my gyno notices anything. But I just push on the cup itself until it gives a little burp, and then pull it out. Things are a little frantic right at the exit as I don't want to squish it too much and spooge blood all over myself, but neither do I want it popping open and splattering me.

I emptied the cup about as often as I would have changed a tampon-- about every two hours-- and it seemed full every time. I didn't try to extract the cup in a way that I could see the blood, in case of spillage on my lap, but it certainly sounded voluminous as it emptied!

I had been worried that at work I'd have a hard time because how far can I really spread my legs with my jeans trapped around my knees? But I found it was much more similar to dealing with a tampon than I expected. The main differences is that I turn my torso to the side so my hand can reach further. I also find my non-dominant hand is better at learning this new skill. The first time re-inserting without rinsing it first (how I wish we had single-stall bathrooms) was a little squicky, but I quickly got over it. As the day goes by it's not like I stay sparkling clean down there, anyway! The 7-fold is also handy because it gives me something vaguely reminiscent of a tampon to deal with.

One of the best parts of this cycle has been the cloth panty liners I used. I didn't have any leaks during the day, but there's always a bit of residual blood after removal, and the panty liner took care of that. I may not love them so much after laundry day, though. ;) Cloth liners still feel kind of awkward-- like I'm wearing two pairs of underwear for some reason-- but they don't have the abrasiveness of disposable pads.

I'm thinking of using the tiny ob tampons alongside the stem of the cup, to catch stray blood when I don't want to use the panty liners. That's what I did for the ride to work, when if the cup wasn't working there wouldn't be much I could do about it.

My cup does make some pretty loud noises during removal/insertion. Today I was lucky and had the bathroom to myself each time, but I'm sure eventually I'll startle someone with a really loud "fart!"
Tags: first time use, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette, pads - cloth
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