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meluna opinions

just ordered 2 new meluna cups---a small soft glitter & a medium soft w/ ball stem---and wondered what i should expect from them. i've used the diva 2 for many years, with a few issues (though nothing that would tempt me to go back to pads a/o tampons!) that i hoped might be resolved with a different type of cup.

issue 1: stiffness...i do feel a slight discomfort when wearing the diva, especially when cramps are bad. other posters have remarked on bladder pressure and i've noticed that also. i have put up with it because i was unaware of all the other types of cups now available, but after reading numerous posts i decided to try the soft meluna. am i right to think that this softer cup may reduce discomfort?

issue 2: poked me unremittingly until i cut the damn thing right off. i'm hoping the ball stem will be less pokey, whist still allowing for a removal grip?

issue 3: diva just seems long to me. apparently i've a rather low cervix & short canal combination that makes a larger cup more noticeable. however, on the heavy days i need mega capacity. after looking at size charts & descriptions, i shied away from the large meluna because it sounds really long. i can still use the diva if my new medium meluna has too little capacity for heavy days, of course; i was just hoping for something less intrusive to use on lighter days. obviously, there are innumerable combinations of body types & cup types & period types, so one person's perfect may be very different to another's, but i hope to get some feedback from some ladies who may have similar issues & requirements...which could spare me some messy experimentation?
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