nowayj (nowayj) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cupdate! Meluna love

So I did 3 cycles with a Keeper Moon Cup, with great leak free results, but was having a hard time with removal due to excess suction and a long fun tunnel :) So, even though I don't need the capacity I got a large meluna softcup in the cyan with a ring stem. I LOVE it!!! So much easier to break the suction because of the squishiness, and the ring stem and ridges are much easier to grab. And it's a nice color and doesn't seem to stain as much as my moon cup.

I have still a bit of trouble with the staining. Very stained after cycle but a h2o2 soak has it good as new. I got the plastic sterilizing cup from the meluna web site and it's superb too. My only regret is that I ordered just before I learned about the glitter cups! I did get a free sample. It's a medium green Meluna Klassik with a ball stem. Pretty, but not sparkly.

Perhaps a medium glittery meluna with a stem is in my future :)
Tags: meluna, success stories
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