penguinsteph (penguinsteph) wrote in menstrual_cups,

After a baby...

I used a small UK Mooncup before I had my baby, and found it usually didn't leak, but did make period cramps worse and I always needed to take it out for number 2. I bought a small Ladycup to try but got pregnant before I could use it. :)

My period came back this week and I tried it to see if I would need a new one. I haven't bled much and it has only leaked once, but it seems to be moving around inside me. I think this means I need a larger one, is that right? I did still need to take it out for the toilet though. I've peeked at a few posts and might try to find a softer one if that will help. Perhaps that will also help with the cramps problem.

Any tips? Thanks!
Tags: postpartum, sizes/size issues
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