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Meluna Nightmare

I'd been using Diva for the most of my period till the Melunas came yesterday. they were very squashed and i had to keep on squashing them the other way to make them closer to circle shape rather than flat and oval. So last night i decided to slip in the Melunas to give them a try. My period flow was quite light and I thought it was the best time to try the new cups out.
First, i slotted in the small Meluna Soft(pink). i have a good suction and everything but hell, it started leaking almost immediately. i removed it and found that it indeed sealed perfectly inside and there was about 0.5cm of menstrual blood inside. i have zero idea why it leaked.
thus, i re-inserted it and put on a liner. and for the next hour, it leaked non stop and soaked my liner and underwear. in frustration, i went to the washroom to find out what's wrong. when i pulled out the cup, there was that weird suction sound and there was about 1cm of blood inside the cup. i don't understand why is it leaking when i seemingly have a good seal?
i then tried another fold(C fold)(was using punch down the first 2 times) and still, it leaked. {i was wondering is it cause of it being squashed when i received it?}

i got pissed by then so i took out the medium glitter meluna soft and it turned out to be more of a headache than the previous small one. no matter what i did, the glitter one REFUSED to open. i got so mad after several tries i felt like dumping it right into the bin.

oh, and the most disturbing thing i feel is the smell of the Melunas. they smell toxic. when i first removed them from their packages i almost choked on the strong pungent smell. is it normal? how come diva smells so fresh yet meluna smells like some poison gas?

also, my diva yellowed significantly after just one cycle. is it normal?

P.S. sorry for posting so much recently. but i got to thank to everyone who'd helped me generously and gave me such detailed and helpful comments!
Tags: brand comparisons, leakage & spotting, meluna - soft, popping open
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