Circus Girl (sandundershoes) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Circus Girl

Menstrual cup intro on my blog

Hi menstrual cuppers! I've been using cups since 2005, and been hanging around here since day one of discovering cups on the internets. This community was invaluable for me as I was getting started and then, later, researching more cup options for compatibility with the IUD I had inserted in 2009 and replacing my Diva Cup. I recently launched a blog, Cuntext, on which the central theme is basically pussy--and anything that can go in it or on it, or happen somewhere near it (with particular focus on queer stuff and polyamorous stuff). I posted about menstrual cups a little while ago, and would really welcome your feedback in either of two ways, if you're willing and able. Comments on the post, contributing anything from your personal experience that you think might add to discussion, would be awesome. So would emails/comments here letting me know if you think I missed something basic and huge enough that I should edit the post to include it. The post can be found here. Thanks so much to anyone interested!
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