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Camping/Hiking question

Ok, so - yay for first success with my Diva cup, yay for saving money and the environment by avoiding copious tampon use! But now to a question:

I am headed to Argentina on a hiking/camping trip next month. I'm not an avid hiker/camper, but my two mates are. We will mostly be staying in "refugios" - cabin-like structures situated in the wilds. I do not know what the facilities will be like at these places (stinkydark latrines, chemical toilets, porcelain thrones, catholes?). I do know we will need to pack out our used TP, so tampons have to be packed out as well. Wouldn't be awesome to be able to use my cup instead next time AF shows up? Next time probably will be sometime near the end of my trip to Argentina!

But I'm still such a noob, and I'm getting blood all over my hands, and popping a squat in the wilderness is a bit more challenging than a trip to a public restroom. I have been reading all of the posts on camping/backpacking/travel and I would definitely opt for some wet wipes for cleaning cup and hands. I was planning on bringing those anyway!

So, what do y'all think is the best packing strategy for me? Right now I'm thinking that I will bring tampons *and* the cup. I don't have much room in my pack and I want to eliminate weight where possible, but neither the tampons nor the cup will weigh all that much anyway. Tampons take up more room, so if I could limit how many of those I take that would be great. Perhaps I can go half of how many tampons I would normally bring? At least a couple of days at the end of the trip will be spent closer to civilization and running water. Any backpackers out there with advice for me? 
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