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Thanks y'all!

 Hey All- Just wanted to give the Menustral Cup Community a great big shout out and tell you my success story (mostly due to your amazing advice!). I'm 28, a virgin (Hey- I see you there with the mouth hanging open- I just haven't found the right guy yet, ok?), and I have used tampons most of my life, usually going through 4-5 super-plus tampons per day on my heavy days. 

After reading your collective wisdom, I determined my cervix to be riding pretty high, and I went to my local hippie grocery store to purchase a large Diva cup. I started using it just a few days ago. I'm really pleased with how it's worked so far. At first insertion was a bit difficult, but I got the hang of that using a punch down fold and a bit of patience. I have to insert it just past the fold, let it open, twist it a bit to check, then push it back further. No problem with the stem. 

Residual blood here and there on toilet tissue but not enough to stain my pantyliner. Today I had my first real leakage after leaving my cup in for ~5 hours on my heaviest flow day and doing a pretty strenuous hike. Pantyliner caught it. No complaints there. If I'd been wearing a tampon today I would have stained my undies *and* pants *and* died of embarrassment rather than just having to change my pantyliner. Note to self: empty cup more often on heavy days, esp. right before you go on a long hike.

I can feel the cup slightly more than I can usually feel a tampon, but it isn't uncomfortable. I think I have determined that there are two possible positions for the cup: way-up-there and way-the-heck-up-there. Way-the-heck-up-there was my preference for a while, but now I'm starting to wonder if all I need is way-up-there. I can definitely feel it more when it is positioned lower, though. Oh, and I swear my cramps haven't been as bad with the cup, but we'll see how things develop.

Removal still a bit of bear. This is why I'm experimenting with way-up-there instead of way-the-heck-up-there. Also, blood tends to get all over my hands, which isn't ideal, but from what y'all have said, pretty normal. Also, cup makes hilarious farting noise when I release the suction. Bonus.

Thanks again!
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