Turtleandlizard (zappy_snapps) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Please, please, please, help me narrow down my options!

Hi everyone, I need some help here.

I got my cup back when there where 4 brands: diva, lunette, mooncup and the keeper. My dog recently grabbed my diva cup off of the bathroom counter and gave it a very through chewing....so now I need a new cup and there's what, 16 different brands to choose from!? I'm completely overwhelmed. And colors??? Wow, a lot has changed. Please help me. I also can't spend hours researching because I don't have internet at home anymore, so I'm really sorry if I'm annoying you.

I really liked the diva cup most of the time. It leaked a little during most of my periods, but rarely enough that I cared. My biggest complaint was that it sometimes felt uncomfortable- putting pressure on my bladder, sometimes unconfortable when I was putting it in or taking it out. I also would like one that was easier to clean.

Could you give me a few suggestions to look at? I'm just so overwhelmed.
Tags: buying decisions
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