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Has anyone had their doc say NO to cup use w/IUD's?

Hi everyone,
First--you all are lovely, this site has been invaluable! 
I'm 29, two enormous vag babies, a new cup user (Lunette Selene size 1 after a too long Diva 2) and also a new IUD user (1 month of  ParaGard after a bad 2 months w/Mirena ).  After perusing this site and others I have found that many of you use cups with your iud's despite the conflicting info on some of the cup websites.  (Diva says no, Lunette says yes...etc.)  I have a follow-up with my gyno in a few weeks and will be discussing it with her at that time, but find myself a little nervous that she'll say no--as I've been using it, it seems fine, and I'd be devastated to get the red light after falling in love with cups the way I have.  But I love my IUD too, and would hate to screw that up.

So have any of you had your doctor say that it's a bad idea and if so what did you do?  I think I'd be tempted to keep using it anyway, AMA, but would absolutely hate to have something happen, then risk the "I told you so".  It sounds like this is a pretty unfounded fear, like most ob's/gynos are pretty okay with them, but I just want to be prepared.

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