Sally (sillysally) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Low cervix / higher capacity

Hi there,
I'm finally starting to get ther hang of my Small Mooncup UK after all the usual mistakes.

Now I've got over the squeamishness about poking around in there and identified where my cervix is I've realised it's pretty low (30mm in) and 'dangly'. That's probably why I found my Moonup was too long and sticking out slightly even without the stem. I flipped it inside out and that seems much more comfortable, (still slightly too long though) but because my cervix is sitting inside the cup, and i can go through an ultra tampon in 1-2 hours on my heaviest days, I'm looking for something both shorter and with a higher capacity, if that even exists! Although I'm 31 I've not had any kids and my vagina is pretty narrow so I don't know how wide a cup would fit me.
Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, inside-out, mooncup (uk)
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