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Squished! and biodegradability question

 So I got my period with my usual surprise today. I guess I could start calendaring, but I am too lazy. Anyways when I put my diva in, it popped open fine, but it was very squished. I went about my business and then about four hours later I was leaking! (I usually change my cup every 10-16 hours.) My hypothesis is that the cup was too squished inside me. What do you think? Should I switch to a shorter cup? I was very happy to use my cloth liners during this period though. :) They have flamingos on them.

Secondly, today I took a leap of faith and asked another friend, "Do you know what a menstrual cup is?" This way I can play it off like I don't have one if they don't think it's cool. And that was a good idea because she wasn't... lol *sigh* But she brought up a good point in defense of them being pretty level-headed. Are tampons/pads biodegradable?  I thought I would ask here.

Edit: I just changed my cup again, and felt a bit of pain while I was trying to do no. 2 so I figured I better take it out. It had slid down and started leaking and was only half full once I got it out, although I must say a lot leaked during removal. Also my menstrual fluid is sooo mucousy... at least it's easy to clean up. I checked my cervix and it is facing one of my vaginal walls, so that might have something to do with it. It is settling very high, so I don't understand why it's so squished. It's already cleared my pubic bone. Anyways I am definitely trying my softer smaller lunette tomorrow or an instead.

And I'm glad to know tampons and pads are NOT very biodegradable. I shall work on my friend whose mom is a OBGYN coincidentally. I'll ask her too. :)
Tags: divacup, environmental impact, family & friends, leakage & spotting
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