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My First Time Use - Success!

Hello All!

Well this is a grand day because I finally got a cup to work (fanfare music)! After about six months of attempting while off my period with little to no success, I put the cup, in my case a small Lunette Diana, on a shelf and decided to just deal with pads. Then I discovered sea sponge tampons and decided to try those because I hate pads and don't like the risk of TSS with tampons. So I purchase some sea sponges and they arrive right before my period starts. The day my period starts I decide to use a sea sponge but when I get home I get a wild hair and try my Lunette instead first. First time fail...second time i get it in but I have a mini freak out and pull it out. Third time I get it in and feel around and find that I have a seal and it is comfortable.....

So finally I got brave and it works! This is a ecstatic day for me, I appreciate all the information I have found on this site even though I have not posted until now.

Thank you again!! I am so excited to be using my cup for the first time and having it finally work after almost a year!!!
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