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So I have recently introduced my roommate to the wonder of menstrual cups, and she is really interested in researching them to maybe purchase one for herself. I did a bit of show and tell with my own DivaCup, and told her where she could buy one, but I really want her to be able to peruse other brands and colors and such so she can make an investment in a cup she'll absolutely love. Now, I absolutely love this community, and it's been immensely helpful to me in learning how to use my cup, and I would recommend the community to her, except that she's not an LJ user. I'm wondering if this community is viewable to non-LJ users, and/or if she'd be able to post without an account. If not, does anyone know of any other similar communities online that wouldn't require her to have an account, but that would still be as helpful as this one? Are there any other resources online that she can use to help her make her decision? Thanks so much in advance.

PS I'd browse through the tags, but I'm currently at work and don't have the time to really look through the memories at the moment. :x
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