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Hi all.  Firstly, I'd like to add to the chorus of newbies thanking this community for sharing its various cup experiences and suggestions.  Y'all have been a serious, and at times hilarious (in a good way), source of information.  My background info is that, at closer to 40 than I'd like to blatantly acknowledge, I had never, ever, heard of  menstrual cups...I only accidentally stumbled across a mention of one via a 'regular person'''s blog (i.e., not a reporter  or person of otherwise renown), who'd also linked to this community.   At first, I thought the concept and required hands-on usage requirements were pretty nasty (I have a long history with applicator tampons), but thanks to my recent baby steps towards greening up my life and the treasure trove of current and archival info available here, I did a 180 and ordered a cup less than 2 weeks after discovering them.  Now on to the point of this post - I haven't seen any questions like the one burning a hole in my brain, so apologies in advance if this is a retread, but I really did come up empty when skimming the site.  

Secondly, in the event that this info is pertinent: I have never given birth and own the large Diva Cup.    In preparation for AF, I experimented with dry runs for about 4 days before her unexpected arrival 2 days ago (4 days ahead of schedule).  During the dry runs, I learned that it isn't easy for me to get a grip on the Diva for rotational and removal purposes.   The stem is pretty useless/ungraspable (although not uncomfortable and pokey), but I'm not going to trim/remove it until I accumulate more user time, if ever.  I also discovered that trying to get a grip on even the body of the cup is somewhat challenging, but this has gotten slightly better in the short user time and my rampant imaginings about having to spend hours removing the damn thing have disappeared...I expect the whole situation to improve as I gain more experience.

Now down the the nitty gritty.  Here's my question:  assuming that I have achieved proper seal (which may be debatable due to the iffy grip and related turning issue), is it normal for the Diva to be so lubricated/slick and for your fingers to come away with traces of menstrual blood?  My impression from reading various posts is that the typical newbie difficulty is related to finding the cup and keggling it down; not necessarily actually getting a decent grip on it and mimicking Lady Macbeth upon removal.  I half expect that my issue is that I haven't properly sealed the cup and that my discharge(?) and blood are leaking/trickling along its sides, affecting the grip as well staining my fingers.  I guess it's also possible that the cup is being tilted somewhat during removal and therefore spilling its contents.  However, the blood seems to located along the the v-wall between the cup and the vaginal opening. 

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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