bsh8rc (bsh8rc) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Calling all cup experts

 I am in the market for a new cup. I have had the small diva and wasn't happy with it (lots of leaking and not popping open) so I bought a large Lunette. For the most part I love it. It solved my leaking issues and it pops open beautifully. I have a low cervix; I can easily find it on my period with a finger  and I'm pretty sure it sits in my Lunette which is fine and dandy with me. The thing's huge which I like for my heavy days but I'm looking for something smaller for those light days or where you just won't stop spotting that old blood. I was looking at the MeLuna but ruled it out because of the TPE. Now I'm looking at the yukki but am unsure of sizes. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what cup I should be looking at?

Thanks so much! 
Tags: lunette, meluna, yuuki
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