Mallt - it's Welsh... for Maud... (mallt) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Mallt - it's Welsh... for Maud...

Scared Cervix

I had my new IUD put in on Tuesday. I asked the doctor about using my cup right away & she didn't think there'd be a problem... she gave the IUD a good tug to make sure it was in the right spot, opened up & secure. This is my 3rd IUD so I'm pretty sure expulsion's not an issue for me.


Normally my cervix is super low during my period, I can *just* get my small Lunette (minus stem) in... sometime with much jiggling! I think the insertion of my IUD scared my cervix... for starters it for the doctor when it came to the insertion itself & now it's retreated to its normal non-period high mark! It's making for easier insertion... I don't expect it to last.
Tags: cervix position, iud
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