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New Diva User, Difficulties and Tips

I am a nurse so Im really shocked that I have never heard of menstrual cups before. I have used tampons for years and I have been relatively happy with using them, no problems with cramps, infections or the like. I discovered menstrual cups while cruising online. I totally loved the idea so I ordered a Diva Cup. I am not actually a green person but loved the idea of saving money by not having to by tampons anymore. Saving the environment is just an added bonus for me. When I got it in the mail I immediately gave it a dry run. Here is a numbered list of the difficulties I experienced and tips I think can be useful for newbies.

1. I usually stand up to insert tampons comfortably, but didnt work with diva cup, had to sit down on toilet. Keep an open mind and try different positions for insertion.
2. Just relax and practice gently, dont try to jam it up there, take your time.
3. I practiced with different (complicated) folds, but the good ole U shape worked best for me. So practice with different folds, and stop when u have discomfort. Its not the end of the world if you dont get the hang of it right away. Give it time.
4. After reading on website that diva cup should ride low, I tried to keep it away from cervix but found that pushing it in as close to cervix worked better for me. Now I really cant feel it at all. When I tried to wear it low I could feel it poking me even though I already had completely trimmed the stem off.
5. It can be messy, (TMI) with discharge on fingers. I find it easy to carry a baby wipe with me during change time.
6. Removal hurt at first because I was rushing. With practice, I can feel when suction breaks and I gently rock it out. Easy. Just relax and dont rush. Be gentle with your girly parts.
7. I feel like I could push the cup back a mile, but I dont have trouble reaching it, so being able to reach it has not been an issue with me.
8. My anatomy is weird, I think my cervix might face more to the left, (if that makes sense) so I have to angle it more to the right to get it to ride correctly without me feeling it.
9. I have had no problem with it popping open and creating suction. I have found that you can feel (and hear a suction cup sound sometimes) when it opens. (The suction is pretty strong and can cause a cramping feeling at first) I have found that I let it pop open pretty low and then push it back as far and tilted back towards tailbone as possible, give it a good twist and its in. Yeay! Stand up and give a good strong kegel. If i feel something, I patiently try to readjust without removal and if that doesnt work I just take it out and try again. If I dont feel it, Im on my way!
10. I work sitting for extended periods and I find that it makes the Diva shift to an uncomfortable position sometimes. Bending over can also make me "feel something". Sometimes this can be fixed with a good strong kegel, if not, just go to bathroom and readjust. I dont even take it out, I just check suction and twist and adjust until I cant feel anything when I stand up. If that doesnt work, I remove and reinsert, the trick is just relax and take your time. With practice the process gets faster and faster. Just like anything else, when your learning something new it is better to take your time and learn it right, as opposed to rushing and being discouraged when It doesnt ever work.
11. Never had any leaking issues. I have been lucky.

I already love my Diva cup, and after patience and practice I got it in without leaks and without discomfort or "feeling something". My best advice is read other tips, and practice for find what works best for you. Everyone is different. Dont take anyones tips or the Diva Instructions as an be all end all. If you have to do it different, but get great results, so what? I guarantee it will work after practice. Give it time.
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