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 I can't say I'm always super excited about starting my period (seriously, who is?), but when that time of the month rolls around I am excited about getting to use my Keeper again.

There's just something about it.  I've never been able to place my finger on why I anticipate it so much.  I've always felt pretty dorky about it, actually.  But today, I finally realized why using a cup makes me so happy.

I was in the grocery store, grabbing a couple of things from the health and beauty section, when I noticed a couple of young women (around my age... maybe a little younger) shuffling through the tampons and pads.  I had to stop and inconspicuously observe them for a brief moment.  What were they doing?  Isn't this normally just a grab-n-go procedure?

Then I saw the big yellow sales tags sticking out from the shelves.  Now it made sense.

Inside, part of me was chuckling that "heh heh heh... I know something you don't know" chuckle.  Oh yes, I admit, I felt pretty smug for a second.  How can I not, when I am in the know about something that guarantees I will never again be a slave to brands such as Kotex and Always?  That alone is pretty cool.

Sure, I felt bad for them.  I remember days when I'd practically block the aisle while I tried to find the best deal on my girly products... but those days are long gone!  Let's hope someday they'll find their way, too.

I've got cup pride, and that's why (regardless of the cramping and emotional BS) I get excited about my period.

*super cheesy thumbs up* ;)

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