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Two Cup Giveaways - Merry Christmas!

I’m having  2 Christmas Cup Giveaways!  One for Lunette, one for Soft Meluna.  Rules:   You may enter both contests if you wish, but only one guess per contest, per person.  Pleas specify your guesses.  Also, we will make sure there are 2 winners.  So if you so happen to win both, I will send you the cup you prefer the most, and the other will go to the first person who guessed the same as you on the other cup, or very close.  I will cover the shipping cost.  If nobody wins, I will award a cup to the closest guesses.

Please specify size for the Clear Lunette, and size/color/stem for soft Meluna.
Lunette Giveaway

This is for a Clear Lunette.  Large or small, brand new and unopened.  Try to guess my signature homemade sweet that I include in every holiday gift basket to my family members.    Be specific in your guess.  One guess per person on the Lunette contest.

Meluna Soft Giveaway

This is for a medium or small.  They were samples to me, they’ve been handles, and will not have the pouch.  But I will include a Meluna pamphlet.  Try to guess which North Pole Christmas character I played in my elementary school Christmas play.  One guess per person on Meluna contest.

Soft Meluna options:

Cyan (blue)-- ring or ball stem.   
Pink-- traditional stem.

Pink-- ball or ring stem.  
Cyan (blue)-- traditional stem.

I will be out of town and won’t be online until Tuesday, so the contest will run until 11:59pm Tuesday night (California USA time).  Good luck, and happy holidays!
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