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Softcups vs. DivaCup

I loved my DivaCup when I first started to use it. But than it started to leak on me and we all know how that goes. I thought I'd made a mistake when inserting it so I took it out and tried again. I got fed up after repeated tries and decided I was going to try another cup. That's when I came across the Instead Softcups. I figured they were worth a try since they were less expensive. I read all I could and than found the closest CVS that sold them and off I went to buy them.

Well, again here I am sitting with this new cup in my hands, thinking it might just be easier to go back to pads. No way! I am not doing that. I won that argument with myself. Thankfully! :)

Well, day 4 of my Moonflow as I call it and I am trying something new again. Here we go.  Wow! So simple to insert. Goes in with no issue at all. Dayum! Why didn't I try this before?? Maybe it was so simple because when my children were babies I nursed them and so used a diaphragm? Whatever the reason I am absolutely delighted!
I must say, I am much happier about the ease with which this goes in. No leaks at all. No issue to remove. There was no mess for me when I removed it. Though for precautionary steps I removed it over the toilet just in case. I also kept the little purple pouch it comes in so that when I was done with it, I could put it back in there and toss it out. No fuss. No mess.

I do not think I will reuse them. The Softcup is designed to be used for 12 hours. I think what I will do on heavy days is remove it after 6 hours and rinse it than reinsert it for another 6 hours. Than I will toss it.

I still do not understand exactly why my DivaCup began to leak. I did not have it all that long. I will not toss it though. I am planning to keep it just in case I run out of the Softcups or I am in the process of waiting for them to be delivered.

I am very active with running and cycling. So this is something that is a huge plus for me. I also love the idea that when I am at work I don't have to worry about leaks or someone covering for me in a meeting so that I can race down the hall in front of the "flood" and change. Finally! The freedom to do what I want when I want without worry!
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