jwuc (jwuc) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie here!!

I have finally received my Yuuki large cup and I have to say I am in love!!!  Inserting has been a little challenging, not being able to get it to pop and all but I have found ways to fix that.  Now the only problem is, is trying to get it out.  My cup moves its way up throughout the day and even though I push down like im having a bowel movement it only comes down so far.  Far enough for me to get a grip on the stem and bottom of cup but not far enough for me to be able to reach the rim of the cup.  I tried pinching the bottom but it doesn't work so I try rocking the cup back and forth and this works but its time consuming and a bit painful.   I can't imagine my friends waiting for me outside the washroom as I take my time to rock my cup LOL....I've even tried put my finger up and running it along the sides or trying to push on one side so that it breaks the seal..but no go..Please help.

PS.  My vaginal opening is very itchy after using the cup...is this normal?  I had to cup the stem cause it was poking me and its better now but the opening is still itchy.
Tags: chafing/irritation, removal - painful or problems

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