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Help! My fleurcup keeps sliding up until it's pressing my uterus

Hey guys, please, help me!

I moved to menstrual cups more for eco-friendly concerns,  since I never really had problems with my period, this was just good for me: low flow, not more then 2-3 days and no menstrual cramps... Until now!! I just wanted to try something less damaging to my body than pads - that I really hate - and to our planet, and the idea of creating a more intimate connection with my body amused me from the very beginning. That's the reason I bought my cup.

I have recently got a small Fleurcup and I really can't get it to work properly! I see lots of stories about problems inserting and removing the cups but nothing on problems with pain during use, real heavy menstrual cramps, something that I have never experienced before trying it.

To insert and to remove my cup go considerably easy comparing to other stories, the Fleurcup seems very flexible. It leaks a little, but I think it does that more because I'm trying to make it feel more comfortable by moving, removing and putting it back than any other reason. However, using it has showed itself very painfull! I can feel the cup during the hole day, It not just annoys me, but causes me cramps, sufficient to keep me home!! This is desperating and frustrating!!

In the beginning I thought the problem was the stem, so I tried cutting it a little, which worked better, but I still can feel it. This is just annoying, but I could live with that. However, the stronger pain comes in, something like uterus cramp which stays for hours, days... I'm just now on bed, reading many testimonials and feeling very sad for having to use pads again after suffering the strongest pains ever during the hole day.

I read that the cup was suppose to be positioned lower than the tampon position. I try positioning it with its bottom 1 cm over the entrance of the vagina, as they say in the guide, but in a few minutes or so, it starts sliding upwards. One could say it is 'finding its better position', but is goes further until it hits my uterus which is quite painful. I can barely reach it to remove since this is so far up, and it is usually painful. I try to reposition it many times and even ignore it, thinking I'm just being neurotic or so, but I can't do it anymore after one, one and a half day of suffering. And the menstrual cramps remain longer. 

Does anyone have any ideas on why it doesn't stay in place and it is causing me this horroble pains? Is it supposed to stay close to the opening of the vagina?

Thank you!
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