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If you're short, do you need a size 1 Lunette?

First, thank you so much for all your posts and faqs!  This posts from this community was so incredibly helpful for me when I was trying to decide which cup to get. 

A little background: I am barely 5'1", weigh about 125 (still working off the baby weight--and she's 2), and I have had four children delivered vaginally.  My periods can be pretty heavy for about a day (going through OB ultras every four-six hours).  I did lots of research and checked the cup lengths.  The lunette seemed to be the shortest of the large cups I could easily get here in the US.  Based on these factors, I ordered the Lunette size 2.  

I received my Lunette today, just in time for my period!  I boiled it and then headed to the bathroom.  I inserted it with no problem (the "pop" as it unfolded made me laugh).   I immediately took it back out and trimmed off the stem.  Is there really anyone who can stand stems?  Ouchie pokie.  I reinserted it and the tip still poked out.  I grasped the the tip and gently pushed the cup up closer to my cervix.  The tip is still right at my vaginal opening; it's not awful, but I can definitely feel it.  It just feels too big!  I can also feel the cup bumping around my cervix.  Now I'm wondering if because of my short height, if I should have ordered the size 1.

I would greatly appreciate your help and comments.  Thank you!


Tags: first time use, lunette selene

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