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Newbie, and desperately need help!

After reading this site, I decided to try a cup. I have a mirena (in for the past 14 months) so I decided to go with the small lunette since it said it was safe. I didn't cut my strings since they were mostly curled up. I got my period Sunday, shortly after it arrived and decided to try it out. Other than my concerns with removal and the IUD, it is AWESOME. I have been getting it in pretty well, but having some trouble breaking the suction. Each time I try to reach up as high as I can and push in, then slowly remove it. It still seems like there is some suction when I remove it all the way. Each time I have removed it, I have checked my strings- I am a bit paranoid. When I took it out this morning, it came out the same way it has, but when I went to check, the string seems thicker/coarser near my servix and there is a definite kink in it that is new. I have an appointment this afternoon with the nurse practicioner in my gyn's office (I couldn't get in with him).

If it's still in fine, my plan is to ask her to cut the strings, hope they don't poke my husband, and then decide whether to continue with the cup or not.

If it's out of place and has to be removed, I will ask for the copper iud, since I have a lot of side effects with mirena (but hasn't been quite bad enough to change otherwise). My concern is with having heavier periods, I really want to use the cup on one hand, but on the other, it is extremely painful going in, and I hate the adjustment period, and am super concerned that if this happens shortly after sex, I could wind up pregnant. This would be AWFUL, and I don't want to risk that.

Other background: my only birth control options are mirena and the copper iud. I plan to have the IUD for about two more years, then have 2 kids, then hopefully my husband will have a vasectomy and I can use the cup worry-free.

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