Lu (kaphiovo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Do you use both lunette sizes?

 I'm after a small cup with a large capacity -though it may be possible I am too concerned with capacity, as my cervix sits in my cup it's never going to be what the manufacturers say anyway, so I'm trying to put that worry out of my mind and go with comfort.

I already use a large lunette and I was wondering if there are any people here who use both sizes.
I'd like to know about your user experiences of both sizes. Anything you care to tell me, really.
I find the large size of the lunette can irritate my bladder, but it's also my most 'secure' cup and the easiest to use (which I also partly believe to be down to it's stiffness). Would the small be better for that or is that a very individual issue?
My current 'small cup' is a ladycup, and while it's okay, it's far too squishy and the seal isn't as strong as I like for my own paranoid feeling of security, lol.

I am also wondering about the experiences of people if they have tried both the small lunette and small fleur?
I'm looking at a brand I've had success with before I expand onto other brands- but I'm not adverse to try.
Tags: buying decisions, fleurcup, lunette
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