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Discouraged! Help

 So I found out about the diva cup and was very interested! I've been wanting one for awhile now! My last period I decided to try the instead cups and they worked out pretty well! 

I am 21 and had my first baby in July 2010. So when I was at the store I figured well.. I guess I get the bigger size since it says to buy it if you have had children vaginally. That would be me. 

Soo I am currently on my period and tried it last night. Massive FAIL. I tried the C fold the first few times..and it was super uncomfortable. I cut off the stem alittle bit because it seemed very long when I had it in me. So then I took a break to relax and tried again a bit later...I tried the punch fold. Alittle easier to insert but I inserted it too high up...andddd..I almost had to ask my husband to take it out. That would have been disgusting I would feel bad for him having to stick his hand up by period-y vagtown. So I manned up and had both my hands maneuvered to get it out. Success...but a tad bit painful. (TMI? probably.)

Now I'm discouraged and a bit freaked out. I'm scared to try again. The times I did get it in it felt SUPER uncomfortable and I could feel it when I was standing/sitting. So it was probably positioned wrong.

so help? What should I do? try? A different cup? 

Thanks in advance. I really want this to work!!

Tags: divacup, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems

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