gobster934 (gobster934) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help! Should i give up?

 i really don't want to give up. so far i have loved not having to carry around tampons, and to know that all i have to do is wash the cup and use it. i love not putting more waste out there. 
i've learned a lot of (aggravating) things about my divacup in the last day and a half, and am desperately in need of some answers. 

first off, insertion is okay, although generally i can't tell whether or not it's popped open. sometimes i feel it pop open and sometimes i don't. anyway, i have had some insane leakage recently, which probably has to do with how heavy my period is in the first 48 hours, but the cup hasn't been all the way full, so i think it isn't popping open. i've been using the c-fold--but what's the best way to make sure it opens? i am definitely struggling with that and am also thanking god i wore a pad with it today. 
so, leakage is the first problem. due to the not-popping-open, which is the second problem. 

thirdly, when i take it out, there seems to be no way to avoid getting blood all over my hand. the cup manages to catch most of the flow, though like i said a lot leaks out, and it isn't all the way full, but when i try to get it out and end up pinching it to break the seal (if there is a seal) it's almost as though i am squeezing the contents out of the cup as i take it out, creating a huge mess that is no fun to deal with, especially in a dorm bathroom. 

so, if any of you out there in menstrual cup cyber space are experienced cup users, PLEASE tell me your advice on how to make sure it pops open, how to prevent leakage (those two might be the same thing), and how to remove it while keeping the contents in the cup. 
i'll stick it out for this cycle and maybe the next one, but i am beginning to think the cup is more trouble than it's worth. convince me otherwise? 
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion - folding methods, popping open, removal, seal & suction
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