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Mooncup UK for sale (small)

I would like to sell my Mooncup UK (size B, small size).
It have been used for one period.
It arrived in the pouch, but i have been keeping it in my own pouch while i have had it, the original one is included.
The stem has been cut, only a small bit left, as seen on the picture.
It has been cleaned with Milton sterilising tablets, and boiled.
Its the old version (the one that comes with a yellow hue/tint, I understand they have recently changed to a more clear color silicone as seen in this post )

I use a Lunette, since the Mooncup does not work for me, I have been keeping it in a drawer as a spare in case anything happened to my Lunette. But since I have now also ordered a Lady Cup I can let this go to a new home :-)
I also read here that the company no longer ships to the US, and I thought someone might like to give this a happy new home across the atlantic :-)

Im thinking $25 incl. shipping (or highest bid) via paypal.
I live in denmark, so please be aware of increased shipping time. (and maybe christmas and holiday delays?)
I dont know what custom forms/whatever-it-is-called the postal office will get me to fill out, so if you need it to be extra super discreet please say so, and I will try to make that happen. Probably will have to write personal hygiene products or something and state the cost. (any import duties/fees to your location I am in no control of, please check beforehand if your country/state charges that)

Please note: I still have the little folder/book and a sticker, but due to shipping costs these will not be included (they get over in the higher cost shipping category by only a few grams, so typical!). If you you like to have them it will be $2 more to cover the extra shipping cost.
If you would like just the sticker please say so, then it will be included with no extra shipping costs.
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