scarletspidertn (scarletspidertn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trouble getting L Lady Cup to open once inside, should I go w/ a S instead?

Hi all,
    Thanks to this community, I took the leap & am now a proud cup user. I LOVE it!!  
I purchased the L Lady Cup after reading through all the boards. I'm wondering now if I should have gotten the small.

Here's why:
I have the hardest time getting the cups to re-open after insertion. At first I thought it was just a newbie issue, but I've been using it for 3-4mos now & am still having trouble. I've tried several folds, positions...etc.
Could the size affect why it isn't re-opening? Would getting the S Lady Cup help with this issue? 
I've never filled the cup higher than 1/3, so I'm thinking a S would work for the amount, but wondered what everyone though about the size & re-opneing issues before I purchase another cup.

Thanks ladies!!!
Tags: lady cup
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