MLNH (mlnh) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady Cup, how vibrant are the colors?

So I have succesfully used a Lunette for a few years, love it! (have a MooncupUK to, but it does not work for me)
But I would really like a cup more, a smaller one for the light days, and one that does not rests on my bladder as much/is softer.
I was thinking about the Lady Cup.

I dont like the more "tinted" colors where you can barely see it, I want a more "solid/vibrant" color.
Turquoise, will this be for me? I would hate to buy a cup and get disappointed with the color being more of a tint.
Which Lady Cup colors are the most colorful?

And I want it to have a color. There is no way i'm gonna get another clear one now when there is so many color options :D
Tags: buying decisions, coloured lady cups, lady cup
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