Nat (menchiburger) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Buying Cups

Looking for another cup to try out! I do need an intact stem, please! Included pouches are preferred, but not totally necessary :)

I am looking specifically for one of the following:

Thanks for the coupon codes in the comments. However, I would still love to try a Miacup and a Yuuki if anyone happens to be selling them at the moment!

Large green or blue Lunette
Small or Large Miacup
Large Yuuki
Large MeLuna Ring stem, either Classic or Soft, but in the new style...and not in the color purple because I already have a purple MeLuna :D

I live in the US, zip code 98115 and can pay through PayPal.


Tags: lunette, lunette - limited edition, meluna, meluna - soft, miacup, where to buy, yuuki

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