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Hi All!

I use a small lunette and usually don't have many problems with it. It always pops open and feels comfortable. But the last two cycles have been crazy leaky, and the cup is not anywhere near full when it happens (about 1/3).

Now, I do have a copper IUD, but my periods aren't that much heavier since I got it. When I first started using the cup, I had one definite overflow leak. But that time, the cup was full when I took it out, and these leaks seem to be on near-empty cups. This cycle, I tried to empty my cup very frequently to no avail. I'd empty it, put it in, and within a half hour, I'd feel a gush. A dash to the bathroom would reveal a barely occupied cup, and soaked clothes. Could it be that my cup is filling that fast and when it overflows, it leaks out of the cup, resulting in an empty looking cup?

I'm also wondering if maybe it's just a bad-fitting cup and I just got lucky in previous months. I also have a large lunette, but that leaked too this cycle. I'm not very cervix-savvy either. Like, I know where my cervix is, and I try to get the cup right up there, but skimming through the posts there's lots of stuff about cervix fit. Could it be that my cervix is wide (I'm NP, btw)? I get nervous poking around up there with the IUD, but maybe my cervix needs to fit in the cup more. In that case, are there any cups that have a wider rim?

Thanks for any advice!

Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, iud, leakage & spotting, lunette, lunette - limited edition
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