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Had Diva, Looking for a new one

Hi everybody! I managed to leave my diva cup in another country while packing too quickly, and am looking to (finally) get a new one. I had the Diva 1 before, but had a few problems with it. I'm 21 and neither a virgin nor a mother. I'm relatively active (mainly walking and dance) and have heavy periods, but they taper off toward the end of the week. At the moment, though, I can only afford one cup, or I would look into getting different ones for heavier and lighter days. I live in the US. I don't think I'm allergic to latex, but there is some possibility, and I'd prefer to avoid rubber/latex cups. My mum has a tilted uterus, and once had a... diaphragm? get stuck. I don't know if I have it (I may well), but my cervix does seem to be angled a fair bit toward the back.

I liked the smaller Diva, except for a couple things. The main two were: it would sometimes overflow within an hour. This was before I got on birth control to keep my periods in check, but I still have heavy flows.

It also was rather short for me, and when properly situated, I really had to reach up in there to get it out, even though I hadn't cut the stem at all.

Another problem is that it leaked occasionally, even when it wasn't overflowing. I think that this had to do with it fitting all the way up, because I can't manoeuvres it well because my vaginal canal is so long. It did open fine (used c-fold), and I always made sure to rotate it, etc. It's not a problem with it slipping, I'm pretty sure, so other than it just being too far up there, I'm at a loss as to causes. I'm used to wearing a liner with my cup at this point, but it's still irritating that I have to waste that much because my cup is leaking.

I also would have liked having a solid stem instead of hollow, but that's a minor detail.

As for replacing it, I've been looking at the large Yuuki, with my only real concern being the stiffness - melissa569 posted about it being significantly softer than the DivaCup. There are just so many, though, and I've read a bunch here and at other places, and thought about it, and have decided that help would be immensely appreciated. Does anybody have any advice or recommendations? Thank you so much!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, heavy blood flow, tilted uterus, yuuki

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