bexspee (bexspee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup leaking during last hours of sleep after 2 years of using it leak free

I have been using the Diva cup for almost 3 years without a problem. The past 4 periods have had a consistent problem: As I wake up and get out of bed for the last time (after frequent bathroom trips all night without leakage) it bursts and leaks all over. It keeps suction all night, even during frequent trips to the bathroom... then around 5am-8am it explodes. This never happened before. I haven't noticed flow having anything to do with this... just timing. I haven't had sex for a while so it couldn't be that I have stretched out via a penis, nor have I given birth.

Is it possible the Diva cup has stretched me out? Why does it only leak at this specific time? Is the cup psychic and waits until I am ready to wake up? I am getting really frustrated. I make sure the holes are clean before insertion and that the cup is fully open. As I said... never have I had problems with it before. Why now, why under such specific circumstances that probably shouldn't cause any disturbance?

I would appreciate any feedback.


Tags: leakage & spotting, sleeping
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