dutchfmly (dutchfmly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ready to quit

I am so discouraged! I've been using the larger Diva Cup for 4 cycles now and I can't get the thing to stop leaking. I've read through many of the suggestions:
-I've tried finding my cervix and trying to aim for it.
-I've tried kegels
-I've tried to fold it different ways (when I tried the punch down I couldn't get it to open). I usually use the c fold.
-I've tried letting it open sooner, I've tried inserting all the way and then trying to get it open (doesn't seem to work).
-I try to rotate it to make sure it sealed and that doesn't seem to matter.

It often seems to end up kinda low even though I try to kegel it up there. It seems like it will leak anywhere from an hour to many hours later and it won't be full. 

I thought I had it yesterday, wore it to bed, and it ended up leaking at 5:30 am! It was maybe 2/3 full.

I am ready to just call it quits. It's not working, it's messy. I'm not sure it's worth my effort at this point. Any suggestions? 
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting
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