nowayj (nowayj) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Time for a new cup

2 cycles in with a Keeper moon cup small

The good: Mostly wonderful! insertion no problem, no leaks, no pain on removal, no need to change during the day, periods 3 days shorter! Pads and tampons are dead to me.

The bad: Removal is difficult and messy. Too much suction? Rim too wide? The cup gets all the way up there, can barely reach stem, (which has NO grips-- design flaw!) I cannot get a finger up under the rim to break the seal --the rim seems too wide, like there's no space to get my finger in. I end up bearing down till i can grip the base and then jiggling from side to side while pulling. But it takes several goes and 1 in 3 times is ... messy. Wouldn't risk if I had to change on the road.

So I'm thinking I need something with a longer grippier stem. Maybe softer rim too?

Recommendations? I like the look of the Lunette stem...

Tags: keeper, keeper moon cup, removal - painful or problems
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