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Hello everyone!  I asked Naturcup to send me a sample. For now, they are only selling to Spain, that may change in the future.  They sent me their large cup (size II) .  They have 3 sizes:  0, I, and II.  I have some more photos on my facebook account, and I will be updating my other pages too, later today ro tomorrow.  I'll add measurements as well.  For now, I can tell you its the same material as the Femmecup and the Mpower.  It has 4 suction release holes, big enough to be easy to clean.  Very subtle grip rings.  Tim is a lot firmer / thicker than the bottom of the cup.  Shape wise, its a lot like a MoonCup, but with a ball stem.  It also has measuring lines.  I'll give measurements and capacity as soon as I can. 

Tags: diagrams & pictures, naturcup

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