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New DivaCup user

Heya all! Just wanted to drop in and say hi and give a little review of my first experience using a cup because I know how reading review after review made me more comfortable with the idea/process of using a cup.

First though: I'm just giving a heads up, I may be having an extra (brand new!) DivaCup to sell soon.  Long story short: Found DivaCup in a local store AFTER I ordered it.  Went and cancelled my order and they sent it anyway.  Ah well.

I did a "dry run" yesterday and found the process was pretty easy.  I've tried tampons a few times and never liked how they felt so I was nervous that I wouldn't like cups.  I was probably doing the tampons wrong. 

For the DivaCup, though? I'm finding it quite comfortable.  Except the stem.  I had it in for a short while and checked for leaking and there was a tiny bit so I went and redid it.  Now it's sitting lower (it was leaking because it was too high before?) and the stem is more annoying.  But I don't think there's any new leaking.

I pretty much keep forgetting it's there but sometimes I'll feel "something".  I think it's because the stem is poking out enough to kinda move the cup slightly? But there's no leaking now sooo... I think I'm winning?

So the next time I go to empty the cup I'll probably cut the stem off completely.  I thought the website said not to cut it off completely but I can't find it now.  I know some of you ladies have completely removed your stems though so I'm not worried.

Thanks for reading any any encouragements :)
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