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A Bit Scared...

 Okay...  I read through a bunch of posts here and am almost reassured, but want to ask so that I can quit feeling freaked.

I bought my Diva Cup and it arrived today.  It's a model 2.  I'm only 21, but I had twins when I was 16 (via c-section) and read that I should still get model 2, so I did.  I heard the size difference isn't great, so while I'm confident I don't by any means NEED a larger one, I am not too proud to get it.


I have an IUD.  I actually had it put in after the kid thing and have thus had it for 4 years.  I've never had issues with it.  It's a copper one, I don't know the name honestly.  The first 6 months I had it, the strings were annoying (my then-boyfriend, now-husband would complain).  Over time, I was unable to feel the strings.  My understanding is they have softened and probably got flipped up, but I know it hasn't come out and I know it's still working (with my awesome fertility, I KNOW, ha ha).

So, I actually read through the Diva instructions on insertion and didn't read the warnings.  I actually got it in (using one of their suggested folds, not the C one, the one where you push the edge down), got it spun, and I think it was in okay.  Then I wanted to practice taking it out.  I am not comfortable wearing it yet, but am on my period and did all this in the tub, squatting (TMI aside, I think we're all beyond that).  So, with some maneuvering, I managed to get a finger up to press the side, get my thumb up to pinch the bottom, and got it out without pain (after a few moments of freaking out with it in me, this is all so new!).  (Also, look up bracydactyly, I have that with my fingers and toes and it scares me because of them being short and thicker, especially my thumb).

So, after I successfully got it out and washed up, I read through the instructions again and saw the warning about not using with an IUD.  I read a lot on here that it should be okay, especially if you're careful and your IUD is settled.

Thoughts?  In b4 "Have a doctor check your strings."  I am very anti-doctor unless I'm going to die.  I just want some friendly reassurance.  >.<
Tags: insertion, iud, removal

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