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Small "Glitches" With Use

I've been using a Diva for about six months now, and I love it. It's usually more comfortable than tampons, and that and a cloth liner last me all day. It's brilliant! I just have a couple of teeny little questions about things that are... not enough to put me off cups, but kind of annoying.

This is something that I only noticed this past period, so it may be a specific to this cycle thing. Whether it is or isn't, it's a little irritating. I tend to open my cup low and push it up high into place, and normally it stays there. This past cycle, though, it felt like it was sliding down as soon as I left the bathroom. By the time I reached my desk (because of course it was mostly happening at work) I could feel the bottom curve or the stem, I'm not sure which, pressing against the sides of the vaginal entrance. It still formed a seal and caught most of the flow, but it was pretty uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this problem? Does this sound like something that might just depend on where my cervix is?

My other problem/question is something that I've noticed with every period. I can get rid of most of the residual goo from changing my cup after I replace it or with the next trip to the bathroom, after it's worked itself down. I'll still go later and discover blood collecting on the bottom of my cup or on the liner. I'm pretty sure that it's not residual, because I'd have already gotten most of it, and that it's not a leak, since I can't feel the seal breaking and most of the blood is collecting in the cup. I'm starting to think that my pubic bone may be nudging the side in certain body positions and shifting it just enough to let some escape. Is this possible? And wouldn't I be likely to feel the seal breaking if it does that?

I'd really appreciate any advice/thoughts here. Like I said, it's not enough to make me stop using it in favor of a tampon, but I prefer to KNOW why things aren't working quite the way I expect them to.
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting, seal & suction

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