Lu (kaphiovo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Large LilacCup and Large UK Mooncup for sale or trade

  Hey all!

I have two cups that I'd like to trade or sell, if anyone is interested. I am in the UK but can post internationally.

The first is a large LilacCup (LadyCup) with stem completely removed, which I have only used for one 'dry run', but is too big for me.
The second is a large UK Mooncup with stem completely removed, used once for a couple hours, but I'm not a fan.
Neither have their bags, I'm sorry, but I have lost those in a move.
They each go for about £20 so I'd be happy with something like £15 but will consider offers. I can only accept paypal.

As for trading (I would prefer this option), I am looking for a small Fleurcup OR a small Lunette OR a small Yuuki.
Preferably not well-used, I would like something similar in used-ness as the cups I'm offering.
I don't mind if there is no stem and no bag.

Neither have any cracks or discolouration, have been sterilized and I will of course sterilize again before sending.

I can post next friday (19th), so please leave a comment if you're interested, and you can email me at kaphiovo(at) as well.

Tags: lady cup, mooncup (uk)

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