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large lunette or large fleurcup??any ideas/help?

Hi everyone ive been lurking round this site for nearly a year now and about 4 months ago bought a small lunette selene after researching about it on here.. I  love the lunette (especially the shape colour and texture) only problem is I cant get it to stop leaking ( leaks way too much to be residual blood left below cup). Ive tried everything and make sure the cup sits (o) around my cervix and everything, which helped a bit, but it still leaks when its only half full, which makes me think it must be that my cervix is taking up the rest of the room in the cup? so I’m thinking to try a larger cup with a higher capacity. Basically im currently between a large lunette or large fleurcup, with a possibility of a large yuuki, but want to know if anyone has any ideas which would be best??

 Im 18, a virgin (although had no problem getting small lunette in), have a fairly low cervix I think (although I did trim the small lunette’s stem about half way) and have a very heavy flow for my first few days. The small lunette did press a little against my bladder which worries me a bit about getting a larger firmer one, but its not as important to me as stopping it leaking. Im also thinking a firmer one would be less likely to leak because it would pop open easier??(had trouble getting small lunette to open) Is this true? does anyone have any idea how firm the large lunette is vs the large fleurcup? And also would getting a wider, higher capacity cup be more likely to stop the leaking? would really like to make the cups work for me, thanks for any ideas, going away travelling in 3 weeks so am going to have to decide soon..

Tags: age, brand comparisons, buying decisions, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette, lunette selene, popping open, seal & suction, virginity, yuuki
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