Dina Clare (lintilla) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dina Clare

Plagiarism by the Shecup website

I didn't make a big deal at the time, but some of you may remember the saga in which the Shecup website reproduced one of my posts to this community with some minor changes. That's gone now (although some people have said that it's still in the instructions sent with the product - if any of you guys have recently bought a cup from them and my writing's still in the instructions, please contact me) but I was poking around their website today and I thought some things looked a bit familiar...


http://www.mum.org/menhyde2.htm (4.1)


(And this one is my very favorite)
http://www.divacup.com/en/home/faqs/ (look at the section about materials)

Well okay then.

I point this out because I know many people in this community have strong feelings about issues like the Keeper Company and their usurping the Mooncup trademark in the US. For me as a writer, plagiarism is on the same level. For a company to steal the hard work that other people have put in to create copy for other websites is unconscionable as far as I'm concerned.

I have contacted the companies that I noticed... similarities for, as I would absolutely want to know if someone had stolen my work. (And to those who pointed it out to me the first time - thank you!)
Tags: customer service, shecup
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